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Meeting on ‘’Strengthening the Multilateral Health Architecture’’


The Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatiates, Mr. Nasser Bourita took part on Friday, June 26, 2020 to the virtual Ministerial Meeting of the Alliance for Multilateralism on the theme ‘’Strengthening the Multilateral Health Architecture’’.

During this Video-Conference, the Minister underlined that Morocco has fully adhered to all initiatives aimed at adapting the multilateral system to the complexity of the contemporary world’s challenges.

Indeed, the Kingdom defends a multilateralism that is "pragmatic, uninhibited, flexible and based on knowledge of facts and solidarity", according to Mr. Bourita.

This spirit of solidarity underlies the vision promoted by His Majesty Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, for the development of Africa as He launched an initiative at the level of Heads of State intended to establish an operational framework to support African States in the different phases of managing the Coronavirus pandemic.

Besides, the Minister added, in the same vein, that Morocco, in conformity with the Royal Vision, calls for special attention to the particular challenges facing Africa at all levels.

While stressing the good example of the medical donations sent by the Kingdom of Morocco, following the Sovereign’s High Instructions, to African Countries, the Minister highlighted that this constitutes a proof of the capacity of the African continent to meet its own challenges by itself.

As an example, the Kingdom of Morocco, Keen on laying the foundations of a new system of international health security, will organize in partnership with Rwanda, an African Brotherly Country, the first High Level Meeting on Diplomacy for Health Security and Emergency Preparedness, placed under the joint High Patronage of HM the King and the President of Rwanda, Mr. Paul Kagame.

As the pandemic of COVID-19 is entering a complex phase in which the exhilaration of a return to normality, the legitimate fears of a second wave and questions about the emerging multilateral system are mixed together, the Minister stressed the need to lay the foundations for a new multilateral order that is "coherent and flexible" to deal with the complexity of emerging threats, including that of pandemics.

The Minister noted, equally, that a multilateralism adapted to global challenges "can only be boosted by concrete, uninhibited and fact-based initiatives", such as the action of the Alliance for Multilateralism, adding that all Nations must remain vigilant in order not to dissipate efforts and to preserve the effectiveness and the coherence of collective action, with the ultimate objective of reinforcing the actions the United Nations.