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Anti Terrorist Fight in Africa

  The Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, Mr. Nasser Bourita underlined, in the framework of a Ministerial Meeting of the Small Group of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS that the response to the new terrorist threats of the Islamic state group implies a necessity of reinforcing the capacities of the States and Sub-regional organisations. This will ensure, according to him, more durable results on the long term.The Minister has expressed Morocco’s commitment in the framework of its efforts to reinforce capacities in Africa as shown by the support of the opening in Rabat of an office for the program on the fight against terrorism and the formation in Africa of the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism. Mr. Bourita has equally called for a better coordination of initiatives and international efforts to face the evolution of the situation, highlighting the great potential of the mutualisation of efforts by the Coalition with those deployed by the Coalition for the Sahel assisting the Sahel’s G-5.The Minister seized the occasion to shed lights on the conclusions of the first Meeting of the Coalition on the Islamic State’s Threats in West Africa, held in November 2020, through the concrete support to the countries of the region in key fields, notably in terms of the collection and protection of the proofs obtained in the battle field in addition to the need for a global border security.Despite the fact that Daech has lost control on its strongholds in the Middle East, the group still ambitions to reinvent itself, obtaining more support, funds and fighters, particularly from the other regions of the world. In this respect, he considered that Africa is from now on the focus of ISIS as since the last Coalition’s Meeting, the situation is alarming and continues to deteriorate in a continent where the terrorist threat evolves, reaching nowadays the southern part of Africa. Mr. Bourita recalled that 2020 has been the deadliest year in the Sahel region with a total of 4250 fatalities (the majority of victims are civilians: 59%), that is to say an increase of 60% in comparison with 2019.The Minister alerted equally that ISIS is reinforcing its presence in Africa through a stronger collaboration with other terrorist groups and criminal networks, highlighting that groups are more and more giving allegiance to ISIS, as they are controlling territories and recruiting within the separatist armed groups and vulnerable refugees.In the same vein, the Minister noted that attacks are carried out in a more than ever sophisticated manner with the sharing of the knowledge and expertise of ISIS with the local terrorist groups, in addition to the use of new technologies, including drones for recognition operations. Mr. Bourita has expressed Morocco’s gratitude to Morocco, Belgium and the United States for holding this Meeting, adding that the situation of the Pandemic that monopolizes the world’s efforts and attention does not have to distract the serious threat that ISIS poses for peace and international security.It is worth recalling that the international Coalition against ISIS established in September 2014 at the initiative of the United States, the Gulf Countries, Turkey and Egypt includes around 83 partners.