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Trade and Investment

External Trade plays a pivotal role in the Moroccan economy and contributes to its emergence as a credible partner in the African, Arab and Euro-Mediterranean region.

The conclusion of several free trade agreements (EU, USA, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan and United Arab Emirates) will certainly give a new impetus to Morocco's active role in terms of international trade and will provide the basis for its economy to have a stake in the benefits of globalization.

Furthermore, all these FTAs provide Morocco with a competitive advantage in its endeavor to attract more foreign investments and consolidate its integration in the global economy, given its current status as an appropriate platform for foreign investors to target major world markets (the United States, Europe, Arab world and Africa).

Basic trade data ( 2006 ): Exports : $14.037 billion (27% of GDP in 2006) Main Exports : clothing items, phosphate and byproducts, electronic components, sea products, electric cables, canned food and citrus fruits, etc.

Major Markets : EU 71.5%, India 4.1%, U.S. 2.6%, and Brazil 2.4% Imports : $17.68 billion (34% of GDP in 2006) Main Imports : industrial and capital goods, crude oil, thread and fabrics, gas and fuel, cereals, electronic devices, etc.

Major suppliers : EU 52.1%, Saudi Arabia 4.8%, Russia 6.7%, China 5.2%, U.S. 3.4% More information can be found in the following websites : Ministry of Industry and Commerce Ministry of External Trade Office des Changes Moroccan Center for Export Promotion Investment Morocco offers various investment incentives, such as partial or total exemption from corporate taxes, VAT taxes, and import duties.

Special incentives are also available to encourage companies to comply with environmental protection laws and/or install environmental protection equipment. There are no restrictions on foreign investments in all areas of economic activity.

This advantageous and encouraging investment environment allowed Morocco to attract USD 3 billion of direct foreign investment (FDI) in 2006. France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, United States of America, Kuwait and Netherlands stand as the main foreign investors in Morocco in 2006.

These FDI covered several sectors of the economy, most notably telecommunications, tourism, constructions, industry and insurance. For more information on investment incentives, consult the Investment Charter (pdf) Visit the website of Direction des Investissements for more details on investment climate and re