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Recent Security Council resolutions on Sahara

Resolution 1570 (2004)

Pursuant to Security Council resolution 1541, on October 18th 2004, the Secretary General submitted his report on the evolution of the situation S/ 2004/827 in which he recommends the preservation of the extremely useful role of the military component of the MINURSO as currently structured and that no foreseen reduction should take place to the detriment of the capacity of the operational and political role of the UN.
As far as the political process is concerned, the Secretary General recommended the parties to co - operate in good faith with his Special representative "in order to end the current impasse and to achieve progress toward a just, lasting and mutually political solution".
By adopting resolution 1570, on October 27th 2004, the Security Council confirmed the UN Secretary General appreciation on the "current impasse", drawn from the irreconcilable positions on the second Baker Plan. Facing such a record, the Security Council, unanimous, "reiterated its call upon the parties and states of the region to continue to cooperate fully with the UN to end the current impasse and to achieve progress towards a political solution", and thus extended for a six months period the mandate of the MINURSO until the 30th of April 2005".

S/RES/1570(2004) adopted by the Security Council at its 5068th meeting

Resolution 1598 (2005)

By adopting resolution 1598, on April 28, 2005, the Security Council decided to extend the mandate of the MINURSO for a period of six months until the 31st October 2005. In virtue of this resolution, the Council “reiterates its call upon the Parties and States of the region to continue to cooperate fully with the United Nations in order to end the current stalemate and to achieve progress towards a political solution ".
Besides, the Security Council has also taken into consideration the Secretary General's appeal in favor of the release, without further delay, of all Moroccan detainees, urging the polisario “to release without further delay all Moroccan prisoners, in compliance with international humanitarian law ".
In his report, dated 19th of April 2005 (S/2005/254), the UN Secretary General reaffirms his readiness " to assist the parties to achieve a just, lasting, and mutually acceptable political solution " to the Moroccan Sahara dispute. He expressed the hope that all concerned parties will show the necessary political will to move away from the stalemate. M. Annan qualified the recent reduction in negative rhetoric and increase in high level contacts in the region as an encouraging development. However, he underlined that the overall improved regional political climate has not yet led to movement in the positions of the parties Morocco and the United Nations.

S/RES/1598 (2005)Adopted by the Security Council at its 5170th meeting