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A wonderful celebration of the Ramadan⁠ ⁠⁠ Iftar dinner, organised by the OIC Head of missions in Canberra, in honor of the Muslims community



Traditional muslim humility and Traditional Moroccan hospitality, well known, was vividly in vogue at the Iftar-dinner hosted, on 7th June 2018, by the OIC Head of missions in Canberra, at The at Sabah Al-Ahmad Masjid and Islamic Centre.

The invitees were served with delightful mix of dishes from more than 15 countries to break the fast together. The Moroccan Stall has illustrated the delicious taste of Moroccan culinary art.

The atmosphere was marvelous and full of life. A great numbers of dignitaries, Governments officials, local officials, diplomats, members of the Muslim communities.

This Iftar was a time for reflection and prayer and time when families, friends and communities gather together to share blessings.

The presence of hundreds of guest from all religions was an affirming sign that the spirit of goodwill and fellowship at the heart of Ramadan will live on as we continue working to build relationships borne of understanding and respect.