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Special Interview of SBS with the Moroccan Ambassador


In an interview with the offical public Broadcasting Radio “SBS”  in its French version, the Ambassador of HM the King to Australia shed lights on the Moroccan participation in the “Francophonie Week” held in Canberra from the 18th to the 23rd of March 2019.

In this regard, the Ambassador hailed the celebration of this “Francophonie Week” in Canberra which constitutes an opportunity to promote the cultural diversity of the member countries of this grouping through the prism of common values and the sharing of French language.

He also expressed his gratitude to the large number of personalities, including Australian officials, having attended the inauguration of this week at the Residence of the Kingdom of Morocco in Australia, noting this reflected the recognition of the important place that Morocco occupies within this important community.

Concerning his participation in the Conference “Can la Francophonie be a tool for Multilateralism?”, the Ambassador underlined that it has been the occasion to analyze its capacity to act, the degree of its decision-making autonomy with regard to its Member States and to tackle how to optimize the integration of all Francophone countries with the aim of a happier globalization by promoting peace, responsible development and respect for multiculturalism.

The Ambassador also noted that the ‘Francophone’ space is specific and original, adding that it is essential to bear in mind that the ‘Francophonie’ first sought an answer to the dual challenge of standardization and the "clash of civilizations".

Mr. Medrek also tackled in this interview with Joanna Cabot the positive role played by the Moroccan Community living in Australia and how they promote the values of our society consisting in openness, tolerance and living together, and highlighted the remarkable presence of Moroccan culture in Australia, through the various activities held recently.

You can listen to the podcast of the interview, available, through the following link: