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Royal Speech on the occasion of the opening of the new legislative year


His Majesty Mohammed VI, King of Morocco gave, on the 11th of October, before the members of the two houses of the Moroccan Parliament, a speech on the occasion of the opening of the new session of the legislative year.

The Sovereign considered that this parliamentary year should be placed under the motto of responsibility and hard work, being halfway through the current parliamentary term.

In His Majesty's view, this legislative session should be used properly by parliamentarians to shoulder their responsibility for the confidence entrusted on them by Moroccan citizens.

The King underlined that Parliament, Government, Civil Society and Private sector have to work together with the aim of overcoming the most important economic and development challenges involved in this phase. He added that more unity, mobilization and vigilance are required in order to implement reforms and follow up on decisions and project execution in the upcoming phase.

The Sovereign seized the occasion of this Speech to underline that the government, newly restructured, is required to lay down well-thought-out plans, involving good preparatory work, careful implementation and continuous monitoring of decisions and projects, be it at the national, regional or local level.

According to the Head of State, the Parliament has been given broad powers by the Constitution in the field of legislation, noting the responsibility of the legislative branch for the quality of the laws passed to implement projects and decisions on the ground, in addition to monitor the government action concerning all matters relating to the management of Public Affairs.

The Sovereign has put an emphasis, through this Speech, on the importance of the role played by the private sector in the development process, referring particularly to the banking and financial sectors.

His Majesty Mohammed VI highlighted that the Moroccan banking sector, having proven to be resilient and present, through investments in many african countries, is called to show greater commitment and to be more effectively involved in the country’s development dynamic, particularly with regard to financing investment projects and support for productive activities that create jobs and generate income.

He encouraged banks to play a greater social role in promoting development, especially by simplifying and facilitating access to loans, by being more open to self-employment projects and by financing the creation of small and medium sized enterprises, beneficial for all components of society, especially young people.

The Sovereign concluded His Speech by inviting all actors involved in the development process to show a keen sense of responsibility and commitment and put the nation’s best interests above all other considerations, for the good of the country and the people.