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Royal Speech on the occasion of the 44th anniversary of the Glorious Green March

On the occasion of the 44th anniversary of the Glorious Green March, His Majesty King Mohammed VI addressed a Speech to the Nation in which He highlighted that this historic event constitutes “the best illustration of the effective cohesion between the throne and the people”.

The Sovereign considered that the Green March is a never-ending march, since the spirit which enabled Morocco to recover the Sahara in 1975 is the same one which urges the Nation today to achieve development in all its regions, including the Southern provinces playing the role of a link between Morocco and the rest of Africa.

His Majesty the King underlined that Morocco has always been clear in its position concerning the Moroccanness of the Sahara as much as in its firm belief in the justness of its cause and the legitimacy of its rights. According to Him, the country will carry on its efforts, in good faith, to achieve a durable and lasting solution to the conflict in conformity with the approach of the United Nations. Therefore, He considered the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco as the “only way forward towards a settlement guaranteeing full respect for the kingdom’s national unity and territorial integrity”.

The Head of State added that this tendency has been reinforced by the growing number of states—now more than 163—which do not recognize the fictitious entity, and through the various agreements and partnerships signed by Morocco with its international partners and which cover the Sahara, in a clear recognition of its Morocanness.

The King considered that as a result, the Kingdom’s map has changed, taking into account that the Souss-Massa region is the real centre of Morocco. That is why there is a necessity, in view of the Sovereign, to restructure some basic infrastructure, such as the development a rail link and highways in the South to reach the city of Dakhla. This will contribute, according to His Majetsy Mohammed VI, within the context of an advanced regionalization to opening up the regions concerned, in addition to stimulating development and economic prosperity (by creating more job opportunities), especially with regard to the transport of people and goods and the promotion of exports, tourism, and other economic activities.

Moreover, the Sovereign expressed that His keenness to achieve fair, balanced development in all the Kingdom’s regions is just as strong as His commitment to establishing sound, solid relations with neighbouring Maghreb countries. He noted that the current situation in the region and in the Mediterranean basin is demanding, in light of the necessity to boost development as expected by the corporate sector, effective partnership especially with Europe, open space conducive to dialogue in the Maghreb region, contribution to major programs in Africa, a new Arab order to be forged by the Great Maghreb contribution. His Majesty the King pointed out to inaction and limited development as well as the lack of seriousness from some as the main enemies hindering the concretization of these high expectations.

Besides, His Majesty the King, expressed Morocco’s willingness to shape the future of Africa, highlighting the remarkable presence of the Kingdom in the continent since His enthronement, through many official visits, large investments and signing of 1.000 agreements covering all areas of cooperation

At the conclusion of His Speech, the Sovereign seized the occasion to pay tribute to the architect of the Green March, His revered father, His Majesty King Hassan II—May He rest in peace— and all Moroccans involved in the Glorious event as well as to reiterate collective responsibility to safeguard Morocco’s national unity and territorial integrity and to strengthen the humanitarian, economic, and political relations binding the Kingdom to other African countries.