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Participation of the Ambassador in a roundtable held at the Manning Clarke Foundation in Canberra

The Ambassador of His Majesty the King to Australia, Mr. Karim Medrek took part as a panelist to a roundtable at the Manning Clarke Foundation in Canberra.

This event has witnessed the participation of Prof. William Maley from the Asia- Pacific College of Diplomacy, Dr. Leslie Barnes, Lecturer at the Australian National University and Pr. Kassem Saikal, expert in intercultural studies.

On this occasion, the Moroccan Ambassador tackled the way Multilateralism can be effective while facing the current global challenges. In his point of view, the multilateral system is essential when it comes to conflict resolution and global challenges. The Ambassador considers, in this respect, that countries alone, whatever strong and powerful they might be, will never be able to overcome challenges without a solid and consistent multilateral system.

Mr. Medrek seized this occasion to recall the various achievements made by or thanks to multilateralism and its role in promoting peace and security throughout all corners of the world. He added that this system has become a vital actor when it comes to facing global issues such as fight against terrorism, climate change, gender equality and others.

The Ambassador underlined that in order to ensure more effectiveness, the multilateral system has to take into consideration the transformations of the world nowadays, especially in terms of globalisation, digital transformation, the role of Non State Actors, North-South interaction among others, noting that inclusiveness and justice are pivotal in responding to the questioning of this system’s role.

He added that the contribution of this system to humanity has been valuable and that the UN’s role is still indispensable as it has been the case since its creation 73 years ago.

Mr. Medrek noted that Multilateralism remains the only viable way to face the global current challenges. To fragilise it or to question its efficiency will only result, according to him, in further confusion and instability around the world.