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An outstanding showcase of the Moroccan cultural richness at the ACT Multicultural Festival 2018


The Moroccan participation at the 2018 ACT multicultural festival 2018 has fulfilled its promises during a fabulous sunny day at the civic square of the Australian Capital, Canberra.

Indeed, the Moroccan stall set up in the heart of Canberra by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco to Australia has attracted thousands of visitors to the festival, who were impressed by the uniqueness and peculiarity of a country visited annually by thousands of Australians.

Besides, it has witnessed the visits of high officials, notably the member for Canberra at the Australian Federal Government, Hon. Gai Brodtmann, the member for Hindmarsh in South Australia, Hon. Steve Georganas MP and the ACT Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Mrs Rachel Stephen Smith.

Featuring an interior lining with the colours of the Kingdom's flag, a Moroccan living room, handicraft exhibitions, lanterns, traditional clothes, gastronomy, music ... the Moroccan stand has been a good illustration of the magnificence of "the land of one thousand and one nights”.

Moreover, visitors have been attracted this year by special banners retracing some of the most important phases of the Moroccan history, the principal Moroccan cities, the evolution of the Moroccan economy, as well as the presentation of the excellent Moroccan culinary art.

Visitors have not failed to express their interest in the rich heritage of the Kingdom and their admiration for the beauty of its craftsmanship, the elegance of its costume and the deliciousness of its gastronomy.

Furthermore, many activities have been held in this annual festival at the Moroccan stall such as facepainting and the Moroccan advanced quiz which triggered the curiosity of many visitors, aiming to win beautiful prizes at the end of this Day of fun and celebration at the heart of Canberra.

In this family friendly event, the Moroccan stall has provided the visitors with the opportunity of ‘travelling’ during a day to the magical ambiance of the Kingdom of Morocco; a country of tolerance, peace, interaction and above all, multiculturalism.

In addition, the Kingdom of Morocco, due to its leading role in the African continent, has been the guest of honour of the African village showcase, held in the framework of this Multicultural Festival.

On this occasion, the Ambassador of H.M the King to Australia, Mr. Karim MEDREK inaugurated the African stage which witnessed a variety of impressive African artistic performances.

As it was the case in previous editions, Morocco participated very actively in the National multicultural festival of Canberra, one of most important cultural events in the Commonwealth of Australia, which has become a wonderful platform to discover and promote Moroccan culture in addition to highlight the excellent cultural ties between Morocco and Australia.