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Measures taken by Morocco to combat COVID-19

Morocco has been among the first countries in the world to have mobilized resources to combat COVID-19. The Kingdom has dedicated more than 2.7% of its GDP to combat this dangerous pandemic spreading in the world. Numbers are eloquent as Morocco ranks 4th Globally in Mobilizing Financial Resources against COVID-19.Therefore, the Moroccan strategy has been hailed internationally, not only for the efficiency of its implementation, but also for the involvement of all institutions and components of the Moroccan society.His Majesty King Mohammed VI launched the Special Fund for Management and Response to COVID-19 earlier this month. This fund was created with an initial investment of $1 billion, but has since then doubled thanks to donations from public and private sector institutions as well as members of the community.The World Health Organization and other international experts underline that Morocco has shown outstanding human and technical resources and capabilities to face the virus.In addition to the medical action taken by the nation, Morocco has been taking its economy very seriously. Despite quarantine being put in place, the supply of products has not ceased and Morocco hasn’t been experiencing any shortages.Furthermore, Morocco’s Economic Watch Committee (CVE) reached an agreement to provide financial relief to informal workers suffering from the economic impact of COVID-19. The CVE members decided to put in place a mobile payment mechanism to distribute compensation to those impacted.Also, the Moroccan authorities are actively working to ensure the safety of citizens by verifying if citizens are complying with self-isolation measures to minimise the spread of COVID-19.During these trying times, Morocco’s diplomatic and consular services are sparing no effort to provide accurate information and advice for our Moroccan diaspora abroad.