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The Kingdom of Morocco took part to the Australia-Africa week

The Kingdom of Morocco took part to the Australia-Africa week, organised from the 28th of August to the 1st of September 2018 in the mining capital of Australia, Perth.

This event has been marked by the presence of Mr. Mark Coulton, the Australian Assistant Minister for Trade, Investment and Tourism, The Honourable Paul Papalia, Minister for Tourism, Small Business; Defence Issue of Western Australia, Mrs. HK Yu, the First Assistant Secretary for Middle East and Africa at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, as well as African Ministers and Representatives of the African Union in addition to the African Ambassadors accredited in Australia and their counterparts accredited in Africa.

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco to Australia participated actively in this event through various conferences, panels, receptions and shows.

In this regard, the Ambassador of HM the King to Australia, Mr Karim Medrek participated in the 2018 Women in Leadership Forum on Trade and Investment held in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia, on the 28 of August 2018, with the participation of Prof. Stephen Smith, Former Australian Minister for Defence and Foreign Affairs as the Panel Chair for Investment opportunities beyond mining.

While tackling the economic advance witnessed in the Kingdom of Morocco all over the last years, the Ambassador highlighted that this can be attributed largely to the export and invesment boom in the Kingdom, but above all, due to the role of human ressources and notably women who played a leading role in the economic growth of the country. 
In this regard, the Ambassador pointed out to the importance of Moroccan women in Urban and rural areas where they play a leading role either at the level of public or private sector.

Besides, Mr.Medrek noted that industries are developing rapidly driving, therefore, more growth and placing the country among the top African economies, adding that the agriculture and the service sectors contribute equally to the GDP's annual growth.

Furthermore, the Ambassador recalled that under the leadership of HM the King, major economic reforms were implemented through innovative sectoral strategies. This had led the Kingdom to become a regional leader.

Concerning the viable ways and incentives to enhance trade with Australia, the Ambassador of HM the King called for a more sustainable model of business that shall be developed in the trade of phosphate products to ensure its durability and a shared benefit for the Australian agriculture business as well as for the Moroccan exporters.

In the same vein, he highlighted that interest should be given to determining other promising domains of economic cooperation and to deepen it and expand it beyond trade and mining.

Moreover, the Ambassador of HM the King to Australia gave a brilliant speech on the occasion of the Africa Skills Conference on Trade and Investment held on Thursday, August 30, 2018 in the framework of the Australia-Africa week in Perth.

In this regard, the Ambassador shed lights on "South-South Cooperation, a key driver for economic growth in Africa", by putting a special emphasis on the far-sighted vision of HM the King of Morocco who has highlighted on many occasions the necessity to fulfill an autonomous development of Africa, relying on its ressources and skills, in addition to focusing on the collective mobilization of its countries to succeed in restoring their unity and reaching prosperity.

However, the Ambassador noted that the continent, having the youngest population for the future, has to overcome major challenges, notably in terms of security, stability, health issues and above all, governance.

Besides Mr.Medrek evoked a direct correlation existing between all these issues and the migration phenomena which is also a concern that needs to be urgently addressed by African countries on the basis of a coherent and rational approach.

The Ambassador underlined that it is high time for Africa to trust its capacities and take its destiny in its hands. In order to do so, priority shall be given to education, professional training, academic exchange.

The Ambassador also seized the occasion of his participation in this Australia-Africa Week to take part in Ministerial dinner-receptions and the Africa Gala Ball organised by "Regions of Africa".

In addition, the Moroccan delegation of the Cherifian Office of Phosphates "OCP" takes part to the "Africa Down Under" Conference, held in the framework of the Australia-Africa Week.

On this occasion, the OCP delegation, gave a presentation, on " the positive impact of mining activities on the social level" evoking the brilliant role of the OCP foundation in this regard.

The closing ceremony of this event has been marked by a Moroccan "fashion show" which will take place in the mythic Yagan Square of Perth and which will put the Moroccan costume under the spotlights.