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The international support to Morocco's legitimate operation in its Sahara to secure the Guerguarate Crossing

The International community welcomed Morocco’s full commitment to ceasefire, underlining the legitimate character of the responsible operation undertaken by the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces in order to secure the Guerguarate Crossing located in the Moroccan Sahara, connecting the Kingdom of Morocco to Mauritania, and to put, hence, an end to the polisario’s continuous provocations in the buffer zone.In this regard, Arab countries and Regional organisations have expressed their unwavering support to the Marocanity of the Sahara as well as to the Moroccan right for defending its territorial integrity and to intervene, in such a non-offensive way, to restore security and stability in the buffer zone.In this regard, countries such as Bahrain, Emirates, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sultanate Oman, Yemen and others expressed their full and constant support to Morocco’s sovereignty and its right to defend its territorial integrity.In the same vein, the Gulf Countries Council as well as the Arab Parliament underlined the unwavering position of their countries in favour of the Marocanity of the Kingdom’s southern provinces, rejecting any action or practice that would affect traffic in this region and calling for restraint and commitment to dialogue and the use of peaceful solutions in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy.Similarly, The Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has voiced its support for the measures taken by the "Kingdom of Morocco to secure the flow of goods and people at the buffer zone of Guerguarat in the Moroccan Sahara".For their part, many African countries, notably Central Africa Republic, Djibouti, Gabon, Sao Tomé and Principe, the Union of Comoros and others hailed the pacific reaction shown by Morocco following the polisario's constant provocations and violations to international laws in the buffer zone, in addition to reaffirming their continuous and unconditional backing to the marocanity of the Sahara region.The European Union through its High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Mr. Josep Borrel as well as its Commissioner in charge of Neighborhood and Enlargement, Mr. Olivér Várhelyi welcomed Morocco's commitment to the ceasefire, reiterating that guaranteeing the free movement of people and goods is fundamental in this region. The European Union considered that tensions must give way to the political process, stressing that "it is essential to preserve the political and economic stability of the neighbourhood".Moreover, many countries in the immediate neighbourhood of Morocco at the European level, notably Spain, France, Italy and Turkey hailed Morocco’s wise and pacific reaction to the separatist front manoeuvres and escalation at the level of the buffer zone.All these declarations and testimonials come to reaffirm Morocco’s legitimate right to defend its territory in conformity with the relevant international laws and in respect of the civilians’ security, coming also to confirm, once again, the polisario’s and Algeria’s responsibility in seeking by all means to destabilize this buffer zone, in contradiction with the provisions of the UN Security Council Resolutions.