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Inauguration of the African Observatory for Migration in Rabat

The African Observatory for Migration has been inaugurated, on Friday, December 18 in Rabat at the proposition of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, in His capacity as African Leader on the issue of migration, coinciding with the International Day for Migration.The Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, Mr. Nasser Bourita presided the Observatory’s Ceremony of Inauguration, in presence of the Commissioner for Social Affairs of the African Union, Mrs. Amira El Fadil.On this occasion, Mr. Bourita and Mrs. El Fadil signed a headquarters agreement for the African Migration Observatory between the Kingdom of Morocco and the African Union Commission.The Minister noted that the Observatory will allow Africa to be in a position of strength as an interlocutor with other partners who often put Africa on the defensive in relation to migration issues.According to the Minister, the issue of migration remains in many cases a simple perception, because it suffices to disseminate certain images in the media and social networks to create stereotypes and clichés on the issue", adding that the Observatory aims to deal with migration in Africa in a calm and rational manner, particularly in terms of its volume, its causes and its developmental aspect.The report submitted on this Observatory in the framework of the most recent African Union Summit proposes a roadmap based on four broad lines, namely clear and effective African national policies, inter-regional coordination through regional economic communities, a continental vision to make migration a lever for community development and a responsible international partnership facilitating migration and a peaceful and regular movement of people.His Majesty the King stressed earlier that Morocco has offered the organization modern premises respecting international standards to house the Observatory, which will be officially inaugurated in coordination with the African Union Commission as the Observatory’s statutes have been adopted during the Union’s latest Summit.The African Migration Observatory is a new Mechanism that will be in charge of developing through reliable and accurate data on migration, clear, effective and realistic policies. In this regard, the Observatory will oversee the implementation of the Marrakesh Global Compact on Migration through data collection and the promotion of continental and international cooperation in the field of Migration and the strengthening of the contribution of Migration to sustainable development.The Observatory will also offer the opportunity to underscore the positive aspects of migration by encouraging regular migration, protecting the rights of migrants and promoting a new investment to serve development.It will equally act as a lever within the framework of a network made up of research centers and experts, in order to create a dynamic of scientific and social research on the issue of migration.The Sovereign’s aim wish is to put youth at the core of priorities during his mandate as an African leader on migration issues and to base policies in the field of migration on the development and social integration of migrants and the protection of their rights in order to offer these young people new opportunities to encourage them to settle in their countries of origin.It is worth recalling that Morocco was the first country in the region to develop a legal migration policy, offering people the possibility to stay with permanent residency and to live in dignity. In this regard, the Kingdom launched two phases of regularization of the benefit of around 50.000 African migrants between 2014 and 2017.Morocco spared equally no effort at the international level as it contributed actively to the adoption of the Global Compact on Migration and hosted the 2018 UN Conference on Migration.