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The Hassani culture of the Moroccan Sahara, Caftans and the Wedding, major themes to celebrate Morocco in the 2019 NMA


In a joyful summertime ambiance at the spectacular Civiq square of Canberra, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco to Australia took part to the 2019 National Multicultural Festival during which Moroccan shows and celebrations overwhelmed the public attending this major australian cultural event.

The Moroccan Stall focusing this year on the thematic of the magical aspects of the Moroccan Sahara attracted the attention of the thousands of visitors coming from all around Australia and beyond to learn about the cross-cultural experience highlighted through this festival.

With explanatory banners about the culture of Moroccan Southern provinces displayed at the Moroccan Stall alongside other Moroccan objects, visitors interacted with the Ambassador of HM the King to Australia, Mr. Karim Medrek and enjoyed Moroccan Sahraoui Tea.

According to the Ambassador, this 2019 NMA provided the Embassy with the opportunity to shed lights on the rich and varied aspects of the Hassani culture, representing a very dear region to Moroccans hearts.

In addition, Mr. Medrek underlined the importance of the cultural and touristic assets of Morocco's southern provinces, adding that this festival is an occasion to highlight the excellence of the Contemporary and Modern Morocco, having succeded to combine in harmony the traditions, values, principles and influences characterizing its different regions throughout history.

The Moroccan Stall has been visited by various personnalities, notably the ACT Chief Minister, Mr. Andrew Barr, the ACT Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, Mrs. Rachel Stephen Smith, the ACT Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Mr. Chris Steel in addition to Ambassadors, Diplomatic Corps members and international TV channels

A Moroccan Fashion Show was programmed among the activities of this festival to highlight the beauty of Moroccan Caftan, a traditional Moroccan Dress that may be made of brocade, velvet, silk and many other fabrics.

Besides, a simulation of a Moroccan Wedding took place in the colourful streets of the Civiq Square under the rythm of Moroccan Popular Songs and with the bride making her entrance into the stage via the famous ‘Aamariya’, a large decorated seat on which she is carried by 4 persons in the midst of a large crowd, fascinated by this longstanding Moroccan tradition.

These images resemble to what may happen every day around Moroccan cities and villages, but this time being at a distance of aporoximately 17.000 km and in the context of the Multicultural festival, an occasion to reiterate the importance of cross-cultural ties for the development and prosperity of countries.

Created in 1996, the festival aims to celebrate diversity and promote equality of opportunities and inclusion. This year, more than 350 groups from various communities and more than 300 booths presented cultural exhibits in presence of more than 200,000 visitors.