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Event held in Sydney by the Moroccan Sahrawi Association

The Moroccan Sahrawi Association in Australia organised on Sunday, November 10, 2019 a celebration on the occasion of the 44th anniversary of the Glorious Green March.

This event witnessed the participation of the members of the Moroccan Community who have come from different cities to celebrate this important national anniversary.

The event has been marked by the scheduling of various activities of cultural promotion and Entertainment in a joyful ambience in Bankstown, Sydney.

It has also constituted an occasion to showcase some of the most typical Moroccan dishes as well as the display of Moroccan flags, banners and handicraft objects.

The celebration has also included musical performances and national songs commemorating this glorious and key event in the Kingdom’s history.

At the conclusion of this Moroccan gathering, some certificates of recognition have been awarded by the Moroccan Sahrawi Association in Australia.

The event reflected the attachment of the Moroccan Community, present in the different States and Territories of Australia, to its national cause despite the distance of 17.000 km separating Australia from Morocco.