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Celebration of the 65th anniversary of Morocco’s Independence Day

Moroccans all over the world are celebrating, in a spirit of joy, pride and union, the 65th anniversary of the Kingdom’s independence, following the return of King Mohammed V, May He rest in Peace, from exile in 1955.

The independence of the Kingdom of Morocco is a landmark event in the country’s contemporary history, as it symbolizes the triumph of the willingness of the Moroccan people attached to its King and to its unity, as well as to the establishment of a modern and prosperous Morocco.

November 18 is the date remembered for the King’s iconic Speech, announcing the end of the Protectorate period and the advent of a new era marked by freedom and independence in the Kingdom of Morocco.

The celebration of the Independence Day constitutes also an opportunity to pay a special tribute to the sacrifices of previous generations of Moroccans who spared no effort for the sake of preserving Morocco’s territorial integrity and defending its independence.

Since November 18, 1956, the Kingdom of Morocco has made a remarkable advance in many fields under the leadership of three Alaouite Kings, paving the way for the consecration of this modern Kingdom as one of the most advanced and emerging countries in the region on the political, economic and social levels.

Once the Independence of the country was achieved, Morocco initiated the nation-building process aiming at consolidating a free and strong nation under the leadership of late King Mohammed V and His successor, His Son late King Hassan II who established the country’s roadmap towards democracy, political pluralism and economic liberalism.

His Majesty King Mohammed VI carried on the excellent momentum initiated by His Glorious Ancestors as He reinforced  a modern country with a competitive and diversified economy as well as with strong values of democracy and citizenship, through far-reaching projects of social and economic development.