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Celebration of the 57th anniversary of Africa Day

The celebration of Africa Day, marking the anniversary of the founding of the Organisation of African Unity, on May 25, 1963, symbolizes the struggle led by African States to ensure progress, development and economic prosperity to their peoples. This 57th commemoration, celebrated this year amidst an unfortunate Coronavirus context, constitutes an occasion to celebrate some landmark achievements by the continent on various issues to which the Kingdom of Morocco, being a founding member of this pan-african organisation contributed, notably in terms of peace and security, continental integration, women and youth empowerment, eradication of diseases, migration and climate change issues among many others.Morocco, under the wise leadership of King Mohammed VI, has always shown an irreversible and unwavering commitment to a strong, integrated, united and coherent Africa capable of meeting the legitimate aspirations of the continent’s peoples for stability, peace, development and welfare, within the framework of a confirmed and renewed partnership with the African Union.The Kingdom of Morocco adopts a global and sustainable development approach across the continent and spares no efforts alongside its African brothers to reinforce the continent’s important role at a regional and international level.The African orientations of Morocco are advocated by a visionary Royal Diplomacy and an economic and socio-cultural policy based on a strong belief in South-South cooperation and win-win partnerships.The celebration of Africa Day is an opportunity to reflect equally on the challenges to be faced by one of the most promising continents in terms of growth in the upcoming years, notably in light of the latest developments of Coronavirus and its major social and economic repercussions in addition to the threats posed by climate change and security in many African regions.Africa Day constitutes a good occasion to pay tribute to the cultural heritage of this continent full of richness, diversity and deep rooted traditions characterizing its peoples.