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Celebration of the 44th anniversary of the Glorious Green March

Moroccans from Tangier to Lagouira and from all corners of the world celebrate, on the 6th of November 2019, the 44th anniversary of the Glorious Green March, considered as an eternal moment in the memories of the Kingdom, reminiscent of the genius initiative taken by HM Late King Hassan II alongside Moroccan People.

On October 16, 1975, the Sovereign decided to organize the largest ever peaceful March in the history of humanity. 350.000 Moroccans adhered to this brilliant initiative, seeking the liberation of the Kingdom’s southern provinces.

This March has allowed Morocco to complete the recovery process of its territorial integrity and enabled equally the Sahrawi people to rejoin their beloved motherland.

Following the decision of the International Court of Justice in The Hague which gave its advisory opinion on the Sahara by recognizing the right of Morocco to recover it and confirming the existence of legal ties and allegiance between the throne and the tribes of the region, the deceased King announced the organization of the Green March to concretize the recovery of the Kingdom’s southern provinces.

On November 5, 1975, King Hassan II addressed a speech to the volunteers to participate in this peaceful March in which He issued the last recommendations before the big event: "Tomorrow, you will cross the border. Tomorrow, you will begin your March. Tomorrow, you will tread a land that is yours. You will feel the sands that are yours. Tomorrow, you will embrace a soil that is an integral part of your dear country”.

Thus, 350,000 civilian volunteers, men and women, young and old, from all parts of the country and representing all social categories, carrying flags and Quran books, responded to the call of Hassan II and mobilized for this march.

Moroccans went convinced into this historic March, which brilliantly succeeded in a true illustration of the perfect symbiosis between a militant King and a brave people.

The Green March paved the way to the conclusion of the Madrid Agreement on November 14, 1975 by virtue of which Morocco recovered its southern provinces following the Spanish withdrawal from the Sahara.