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Celebration of the 21st anniversary of the enthronement of His Majesty the King of Morocco in the Australian Cities

At the initiative of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco to Australia, the cities of Melbourne and Adelaide paid a special tribute to His Majesty Mohammed VI, King of Morocco by celebrating the 21st anniversary of His accession to the Throne of His Glorious Ancestors.In this regard, a Moroccan flag raising Ceremony, chaired by Morocco’s Honorary Consul to Victoria, took place, in conformity with the tight lockdown restrictions currently imposed in Melbourne, at the iconic “Federation Square”. Morocco’s bright red flag with its distinct green emerald pentagram slowly and respectfully rose over this Square with the outstanding dome of Flinders Street Station as its backdrop.To raise the Moroccan flag, especially in these difficult times, shows the unwavering and admiration of the city of Melbourne towards His Majesty Mohammed VI, a Sovereign deeply respected by Moroccans and leaders from across the world.Melbourne authorities having attended this Ceremony expressed their admiration of this celebration which reflects the renewal of the act of allegiance between the Throne and the Moroccan people, as well as the particular place of the Monarchy in the collective memory and in the heart of all Moroccans.In Adelaide, the Moroccan Colours enlightened the famous “Adelaide Town Hall”, which is a landmark building, considered as the largest municipal building in the southern hemisphere, on the occasion of the Celebration of the 21st anniversary of the enthronement of His Majesty Mohammed VI, King of Morocco.The celebration of this important national occasion in the city of Adelaide is very significant as this city is renowned for its openness, tolerance, diversity and multiculturalism, which all constitute common features with the Kingdom of Morocco, where also the coastal cities provide a similar climate to that of this southern Australian capital.These friendly gestures by Melbourne and Adelaide, respectively, come within the framework of the excellent relations between the two sides, based on mutual respect and understanding marking, in general, the bilateral ties between Morocco and Australia.