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The Arab culture honoured by the Women’s international Club of Canberra


The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco to Australia took part in the celebration of the Arab Day organised in collaboration with the Women’s international Club of Canberra.

The Ambassador Spouse of the Kingdom of Morocco to Australia, Mrs Fatine Medrek presented the ceremony of this Arab Day in Canberra which has constituted an occasion to celebrate the Arab world’s culture, values and traditions.

Indeed, the countries taking part to this celebration presented various videos, highlighting the specificities and characteristics of their customs and traditions.

In this sense, openness and interaction are key words in the description of Morocco which is a land of multiculturalism, tolerance and diversity whose many charms attract millions of tourists who visit the country in terms of diverse landscapes and exceptional monuments.

Besides, this event was marked by prizes drawing, in which the Kingdom of Morocco participated by offering some valuable gifts on this occasion.

The Moroccan stall displayed banners retracing some of the most remarkable themes of the Kingdom’s culture, in addition to Moroccan handicraft objects and gastronomy. This latter illustrates the generosity that characterizes the Arab world.

Moroccan Dress, one of the most stylish in the Arab World, has been exhibited during this event marking the celebration of this important region of the planet, which has taken the lead in many domains throughout history.