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Monarchical Institution

The Kingdom of Morocco is one of the oldest monarchies in the world. Founded 12 centuries ago, this institution is the guarantor of the country's unity and the citizens' freedom. Morocco has remained strongly committed to its traditional foundations while at the same time it has engaged in modernity. The king of Morocco embodies both the spiritual and the temporal authority.

The Monarchy is the institutional pillar of Morocco. This is what the first article of the Constitution came to emphasize by referring to a legitimacy which has been established for centuries: “Morocco shall have a democratic, social and constitutional Monarchy”. The motto of the country shall be: GOD, THE COUNTRY, THE KING.

The king is “Amir Al-Muminin", Commander of the Faithful; therefore, he exercises a moral authority over the Islamic community.

The justification of these powers is based upon thirteen centuries of history and religion and upon a dynasty which has been on the throne for more than three centuries.