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Culture and tourism


Morocco has always been a land of cultural exchanges and encounters given its strategically-located position between the Mediterranean and Atlantic, Europe and Africa. The country's long-standing history has undoubtedly contributed to the emergence of a rich, authentic and diversified culture that takes several forms and manifestations, such as architecture, clothing, handicrafts, traditional music and folklore and gastronomy.

To celebrate its cultural diversity, Morocco lives annually at the pace of its festivals, moussems and other cultural events and it becomes the theatre dedicated to the various local and universal modes of cultural expression. Visit the website of the Ministry of Culture for more details.


Morocco, with its fascinating history, culture, and spectacular scenery, is a wonderful country that offers a unique experience to its visitors. In terms of its natural beauty, Morocco boasts a remarkable contrast of snows that cover the Atlas Mountains, of magnificent beaches alongside the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and of huge golden sand dunes of the Sahara desert.

The imperial cities and impressive southern Kasbahs complement each other to provide a wonderful, varied adventure and a glimpse into Morocco's fascinating past. Its unique cultural diversity provides its visitors with lifetime wonderful memories. 2006, Morocco received more than 6,5 millions tourists and it is expected to attract 10 millions in 2010. Visit the following websites for additional information on Moroccan tourism : Ministry of Tourism, Social Economy and Handicrafts Official website on tourism in Morocco Maison de l'Artisan.