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Application for a duplicate of National Identity Card

Required documents :

  1. Application to be filled out ( Please clik here for the application form ).
  2. The fingerprints must be taken and attested by department of police of the country of residence or by this Embassy ;
  3. Copy of the Registration Card ;
  4. Two (2) photographs (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm )( See document about the size );
  5. Copy of certificate of Evidence of residence status ;
  6. Original police report declaring the National Identity Card is lost or stolen ;
  7. Family book of the parents or Moroccan birth certificate (In Arabic and in French) ;
  8. Certificate of Employment or copy of student card or other document attesting the occupation ;
  9. Copy of official document indicating residential address.

 Duplicate of National Identity Card Fees:  See Fees

Note :

All fees are payable by money order to the : Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco How to mail documents - All documents should be sent using Registered Post, Express Post, TNT, DHL or Fedex to : Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco 09 Terrigal Crescent - O'Malley ACT 2606 P.O.Box 3531 Manuka ACT 2603 Australia - A prepaid self addressed envelope (Registered Post, Express Post, TNT, DHL or Fedex) should also be included.